Temporary Guardianship

Temporary guardianship means allowing another adult to care for your child for an agreed period of time.

If you are sick, or cannot look after your child for some reason such as receiving hospital treatment or having an operation, the other adult, known at the nominated person, can look after your child in their home.

You must nominate a suitable person who must be over 18. To nominate a temporary guardian, a special form must be completed. You first contact your local district court, the nominated person can do this if the parent is not able to.

There will be a short court hearing, as a court order is required to appoint the person as temporary guardian. The hearing will decide if the order is necessary and appropriate, and the Judge arrange for the court order.

If the case is urgent, it can be heard, and the order made, within 48 hours.

It is best to tell the person that you have nominated them.

When the order is made, all parties, and Tusla, the child and family agency, will be informed.