Policy Submissions and Positions

One Family responds independently and in collaboration with other organisations to calls for policy submissions on a wide-range of issues annually. We also develop position papers on important and emergent issues. Our core policy positions are set out in our yearly Pre-Budget Submission.

Pre-Budget Submissions
Family Law
  • 2024 | Submission to the Court Services of Ireland on Development of the its Strategic Plan, 2024-2027. Link here.
  • 2023 | Review of the Civil Legal Aid Scheme Link here.
  • 2022 | Joint Oireachtas Committe on Justice Submission on the Enforcement of Court Orders Relating to Child Maintenance, Access and Custody. Link here.
  • 2022 | Submission to the Department of Justice on Parental Alienation. Link here.
  • 2021 | Submission to the Judicial Planning Working Group. Link here.
  • 2021 | Family Justice Oversight Group Consultation. Link here.
  • 2021 | Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice Submission on the General Scheme of the Family Court Bill. Link here.
  • 2019 | Development of a Long-Term Courts Service Strategy 2019-2025. Link here.
  • 2019 | Vision for a Court Welfare System. Link here.
  • 2018 | Fifth Programme of Law Reform (Family Law) Submission Link here.
Poverty and Social Inclusion
  • 2024 | Submission to the National Child Poverty Target Public Consultation. Link here.
  • 2023 | Pathways to Work 2021 – 2025 Mid-term Review March 2023. Link here.
  • 2022 | Low Pay Commission: Submission on the National Minimum Wage. Link here.
  • 2022 | Commission on Taxation and Welfare – Submission to the reform consultation ‘Your Vision, Our Future’  Link here. (Online survey)
  • 2021 | One Family Submission to the Child Maintenance Review Group Link here.
  • 2021 | National Advisory Council for Children and Young People paper on addressing child poverty* (BOBF) Link here. 
  • 2020 | Better  Outcomes: Brighter Futures – NGO sub group on child poverty final report* (BOBF) Link here.
  • 2019 | Department of Social Protection: Submission on the Revised Control and Anti-Fraud Strategy 2019-2023 (via the European Anti-Poverty Network) Link here.
  • 2019 | Child Maintenance Position Paper. Link here.
  • 2018 | Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures: NGO Sub-Group on Child Poverty.* (BOBF) Link here.

*Reports authored by the Better Outcomes: Brighter Futures NGO sub group.

Child and Family Policy
  • 2022 | Submission on the Next National Policy Framework for Children and Young People. Link here.
  • 2022 | Department of Children, Equality Disability Integration and Youth  – Submission on the EU Child Guarantee. Link here
  • 2021 | Joint Committee on Children, Disability, Equality and Integration – Submission on the General Scheme of the Parent’s Leave and Benefit (Amendment) Bill. Link here
  • 2020 | Mother and Baby Home Commission Link here.
  • 2020 | Citizens’ Assembly on Gender Equality Link here
National One-Parent Family Alliance
  • 2022 | Budget 2023 Assessment Link here
  • 2022 | Pre-Budget Submission. Link here.
  • 2021 | Pre-Budget Submission. Link here 
  • 2021 | Joint NGO Submission Position on Child Maintenance. Link here
  • 2021 | Joint NGO Submission to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Children, Disability, Equality and Integration on the General Scheme of the Parent’s Leave and Benefit (Amendment) Bill. Link here
  • 2020 | Joint NGO Submission COVID-19 & one-parent families Link here
  • 2021 | Submission to the Higher Education Authority on the National Equity of Access Plan for Higher Education. Link here.
  • 2021 | Submission on the Review of the Student Grant Scheme – SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland). Link here.
  • 2019 | SOLAS: Further Education and Training Strategy 2020-2024. Forthcoming. Link here.
  • 2019 | DES (Dept. of Education and Skills) Statement of Strategy 2019-2021. Link here. Online Submission.
  • 2018 | Submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Education and Skills: Barriers to Education Facing Vulnerable Groups: Lone Parents. Oral: Link here.
  • 2018 | Submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Education and Skills: School Costs and Related Matters. Written: Link here. Oral: Link here.
Homelessness and Housing
  • 2021 | Stakeholder Consultation on “Housing for All” Policy Statement and Action Plan.  Link here
European Union
  • 2018 | Coalition 2030 High-Level Political Forum Report May 2018. Ireland’s implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. (European Anti-Poverty Network). Link here.
Other Policy Areas
  • 2022 | Submission to the General Scheme of a Work Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Bill 2022. Link here.  
  • 2022 | Submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Gender Equality. Link here.
  • 2021 | Submission to the Review of the Equality Acts. Link here
  • 2021 |  Children Living with Domestic and Sexual Violence Group Joint Submission to the 3rd National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender- based violence. Link here.
  • 2018 | Public Consultation into Role of Voluntary Organisations. Link here. Online Submission.