Are you a professional working with one-parent families, parents who are separating or separated, and/or their children? Founded as Cherish in 1972, One Family offers decades of experience and expertise to professionals supporting one-parent families.

These include:

  • Our askonefamily helpline is available to you for information. Find out more.
  • Take a One Family manualised three-day programme or intensive half-day workshop for sector professionals. Find out more.
  • Train to become an accredited One Family facilitator or join one of our nationwide panels. Email for details.
  • Refer a client to our counselling, mentoring, mediation or other services. Find out more.
  • Learn more about the facts and figures about one-parent families in Ireland today.

Contact us if you have an idea or suggestion about how we might collaborate to support people parenting alone or sharing parenting, and their children, across the country.