If you are experiencing homelessness, or worried you may become homeless, there are supports available. You may have been served an eviction notice at your rental accommodation or had to move out of your home because of a relationship breakdown. You may be staying with family or friends without a permanent residence for you or your children. Information on options available to you is available here. 
You can also contact the Tenancy Protection Service provided by Threshold. This is a national service providing advice and support to individuals, couples and families living in private rented accommodation experiencing tenancy problems and where a tenancy is at risk. The service seeks to protect your tenancy, keep you in your home and prevent you from having to access homeless services. 
If you own your home, have difficulty paying your mortgage and are in serious mortgage arrears on your home you may be able to access the Abhaile scheme for borrowers in home mortgage arrears. This scheme provides a range of services to help you to deal with your situation, including financial advice, legal advice and insolvency advice. The service is provided by the Money Advice & Budgeting Service and you can find out more information. 
Extra supports for families in emergency accommodation:  
Children under the age of 5 whose parents are homeless (or are moving from homelessness to permanent accommodation) can get free childcare for up to 25 hours a week. This includes 15 hours of free pre-school (ECCE) where children qualify, or school hours. It also includes a daily meal. Parents should not be asked to pay any top–up or co-payment for these part-time hours.  
Free public transport is also available for families living in emergency accommodation to cover their school journeys and family travel.