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We work to affect positive change and achieve equality and social inclusion for all one-parent families in Ireland.

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One Family Counselling Services

One Family is funded and approved by the HSE to provide free, confidential and non-judgmental counselling services for women and couples facing an unplanned pregnancy and for those in need of support following an abortion.

New askonefamily helpline number

Our new 0818 662212 askonefamily helpline number is now Live! Read our updated helpline pages by clicking on the link below

Infant contact
New Research and Guidelines

New research and best practice guidelines on contact between parents and infants/young children in separated families.

One Family Services

To find out more about the supports and resources we provide here at One Family, click the link below.

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For listening support and information for people parenting alone, sharing parenting and those separating call the  askonefamily helpline on 01 662 9212.

Our counselling service for adults and young people ensures time to be really listened to by a professional counsellor.

We provide free, confidential, non-judgemental and HSE approved information, support and counselling on all options during an unplanned pregnancy and post-abortion. Call us on 01 662 9212.

One Family parenting aim to support parents with everyday parenting challenges and the complexity of parenting post separation.

We offer courses and workshops for people parenting alone who are looking to access education and work; for parents experiencing challenges and change; and for professional development.

We make policy submissions, undertake research in key areas, and advocate for better lives for one-parent families. In all we do, we are solution-focused.