In-work Supports

If you want to get back to work, or you are already working, there are a number of financial supports available, depending on various factors like how many hours you work, the age of your children or your level of income. You will find lots of useful information in our Money section including information on Working Family Payment and additional tax credits.

  • You may be eligible for the National Childcare Scheme (NCS). The NCS provides financial support to help parents to meet the costs of childcare. You will find more information in our Childcare section.
  • If you have been unemployed for 12 months or more and you return to work then you can retain your medical card for three years, regardless of how much you earn from work. If you are not eligible for a medical card, you may be eligible for a GP visit card, whereby a cardholder is entitled to free visits to a participating General Practitioner (GP). The GP visit card covers the cost of visits to a GP and visits to GP out-of-hours services
  • The Department of Social Protection provide a Benefit of Work Estimator to help you figure out how starting work or increasing your hours could affect any payments you receive.
  • You may be eligible for help with your rent or other housing supports, even if you are working full time. You will find more information in our Housing
  • If you have returned to work, you may be able to claim the basic Supplementary Welfare Allowance for up to 30 days while you are waiting for your wages. You should apply for Supplementary Welfare Allowance to the Department of Social Protection’s Community Welfare Service at your local office as soon as you start work. Your eligibility will depend on any other payments you may be receiving.
  • For information on your rights as an employee including leave entitlements, hours of work, pay and your legal employment rights and protections click here.

Last modified: 14 November 2023