Job Seekers Transitional Payments

The Jobseeker’s Transitional payment may apply to you if you have been in receipt of One Parent Family Payment and the payment is ending because your youngest child will be 7. This payment may also apply to you if you are parenting alone or are sharing parenting following the end of your relationship and you have a child aged between 7 and 13 who lives with you, even if you were not in receipt of One Parent Family Payment previously.

The payment is designed to support you back into work when your children are older. You will need to meet certain conditions for payment, but you do not have to meet the requirement of being available for, and actively seeking, full-time work.

If you are married but your relationship has ended and you are no longer living together, you will need to be living apart for three months to qualify.

The main conditions for Jobseeker’s Transitional payment are as follows:

  • You have your child living with you who is aged between 7 and 13
  • You are capable of work
  • You meet the means test
  • You are not cohabiting
  • You are expected to engage with the Department with a view to supports needed to prepare for full time work in the future.

While in receipt of Job-Seekers Transitional Payment

  • You do not have to be available for, or seeking full time work
  • You can take part in courses of education and keep your payment
  • You do not have to be fully unemployed for 4 out of 7 days; this means you could work part time across more than 4 days and still receive a payment. Jobseeker’s Transitional payment.

Payment rate for 2021

Personal Rate: €203

€38 for child aged 0-12

€45 for child aged 12+

You can work and earn €165 a week before it affects your rate of payment. Application for the payment can either be made in your local INTREO centre.

With this payment you do not need to be available for full-time work, or genuinely seeking work if you are caring for your children, however you will be expected to meet with the Department from time to time, at their request, to consider what options may be available to you, in order to plan for work in the future. You may also be required to take recommended courses of education or training.

Information on the Department’s website, including the application form is here.