Our Governance

One Family is governed by a board of up to twelve people. The board sets the charity’s direction and priorities and ensures the organisation is effective and accountable. Board members give their time voluntarily and are not remunerated. One Family CEO, Karen Kiernan, answers to this Board and runs the organisation on a day-to-day basis. The Board meets once every six weeks to develop the overall purpose and direction of One Family, to ensure the charity is financially sound, and to scrutinise performance. You can read our strategy for 2022 – 2024 here.

One Family is compliant the Charities Regulator’s Charities Governance Code.

One Family is a company limited by guarantee; company number 45364, Charity number: CHY 6525. One Family is also registered with the Charities Regulator.  Ireland’s national statutory regulatory agency for charitable organisations. Charity Registration Number: 20012212.

Our Funding

Most of our income comes from a range of statutory agencies through service agreements, grants and project funding. See our Annual Reviews for a full list. We comply with standards and reporting requirements in all our funding. We also receive donations and hold fundraising events with support from the public and the private sector. In addition, we have been working to increase our earned income; therefore we charge small, sliding-scale fees for some services for family members and our Professional Development Service charges fees for our accredited training courses.

We prepare our Annual Reports and financial statements in full compliance with Charity SORP (Standard of Reporting Practice under FRS102 Accounting regulation)

You can read/download our Annual Reviews here.

You can read/download our Audited Accounts here.

Our Current Funders

Fundraising Standards

One Family is fully committed to achieving the standards contained within the Charities Regulator’s Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the public and commit to our Donor Charter.

The Guidelines exist to:

  • Improve fundraising practice
  • Promote high levels of accountability and transparency by organisations fundraising from the public
  • Provide clarity and assurances to donors and prospective donors about the organisations they support

For more information, please see:

Charities Regulator: Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public

Download One Family’s Donor Charter for Fundraising – PDF

Download One Family’s Fundraising Complaints and Feedback Procedure – PDF

Download One Family’s Public Compliance Statement – PDF

Privacy Policy

Complaints Policy