Education and Training Programmes

In recent years there have been developments in Government funded courses designed to assist people who are unemployed back into the workforce. Your local Education and Training Board may have free courses available if you are not currently working. These include day courses, night courses, online training courses and blended learning courses. The courses are available under either the Traineeship Programme or Specific Skills training. A Further Education and Training Allowance may be paid for the duration of your course instead of your social welfare payment. You may also be able to avail of extra allowances towards meals, travel costs or accommodation costs if you need to live away from home while you attend the course.

Subsidised childcare may be available under the National Childcare Scheme.The NCS provides financial support to help parents to meet the costs of childcare.

You can contact your local Intreo centre to discuss your options and find out what courses are available in your area. You will be interviewed to identify a course that will best suit your needs and personal circumstances.

The following education and training programmes are aimed at supporting people who are not in employment to gain new skills and update their training and education to assist in finding future employment opportunities.