Choosing Childcare

There are many different types of childcare providers which you can consider if you are parenting alone or sharing parenting. These include childminders, au pairs, creches or early years services, preschools and school-age services. Some parents also rely on family or friends to support them with childcare. The type of childcare you choose will depend on your individual circumstances such as your work patterns or when you need childcare to attend education. It will also depend on the ages of your children and what their needs are. You may find that you need to use different childcare options at different stages in your child’s life.

You will find a useful guide below on what to consider when choosing a childcare provider and what questions to ask before making your decision.

If you need to avail of funding under the National Childcare Scheme or ECCE then you will need to choose a childcare service which is registered with Tusla. You won’t be able to avail of childcare supports if a friend or family member looks after your children unless they are registered as a childcare provider or childminder. For a list of registered childcare providers in your area, contact your city or county childcare committee.