Parenting Children 0-5 years

Children aged 0-5 years need special consideration when parenting alone or parenting post separation. This page is dedicated to their needs and supporting parents of this age group. Helping young children through family transitions at this young age requires parents to consider child developmental stages. Working with your child to support them through the act of  play to process change and family form will help them to feel emotionally secure ensuring positive outcomes are easier to achieve.

One Family Parenting Facebook Page will support you with weekly tips and posts directly linked to parenting, parenting alone and parenting post separation.

Join the Conversation – is a monthly zoom session, creating a space for parents to talk and ask questions about child development and challenges in raising children. Each month we invite an ‘expert’ to join the conversation so parents have the opportunity to seek good advice and support. However the real experts are the parents in the group, who by turning up are sharing and supporting each other to parent as best they can.

Top Tips 0-5 years – We are working on creating a resource of tips specifically focused on children 0-5 years. Issues such as routines, positive attention are explored and parents who are sharing parenting are asked to find ways to share the same parenting style in order to support young children to develop and understand what is expected of them.

Parenting Programmes– Group based parenting courses currently via zoom, live weekly sessions over an 8 week block. Parents are invited to join Positive Parenting for Changing Families or Family Communications Parenting Teens. This allows you work with other parents to explore the many challenges parenting presents with the support of two facilitators. Each parent will be offered two 1-1 check in sessions with the facilitator over the 8 week block. Parent Support or onward referral for additional support can be explored through this route.

E-Learning Courses for Parents – maybe you don’t have time to commit to a weekly live zoom course so we also offer you the choice of five online e-courses. Parenting Through Stressful Times; Positive Parenting for Changing Families; Family Communications Parenting Teens; Family Communications Parenting when Separated; The Skill of Clear and Direct Communication.

Ciara, our Early Years Family Support Worker is available to talk with you about supports that may help. Ciara holds a BA in Early Education and Care, she is skilled at supporting parents to tune into child development, behavioural needs and challenges.  Email Ciara at

All face to face supports allow parents an opportunity to engage with early years and parenting experts to discuss your unique situation and ask for advice and support around the challenges you face in parenting young children.