Disability Allowance

Disability Allowance is a main social welfare payment. It may be payable to a person who is not able to work due to an injury, disease or a physical or mental disability that has lasted a year or is expected to last a year or more.  The person must be ‘substantially restricted’ in being able to undertake work that would be suitable for a person of their age, experience and qualifications, due to the disability.

It is a means tested payment and your doctor needs to complete a medical report as part of the application form.

A person can be on Disability Allowance and in employment, including self-employment.  Earnings of up to €120 a week are not taken into consideration so the payment is unaffected by this income from work. Earnings over €120 a week and less than €350 are assessed at the rate of 50% and earnings more than €350 will be fully assessed in the means test.

The full rate of Disability Allowance is €203 a week plus an allowance for dependent children living with you, the recipient. The rate for children is €38 for a child aged under 12 and €45 for a child aged 12 +.