One Family programmes are expertly designed based on hearing what parents tell us they need; over four decades of organisational experience; the expertise of our staff team; and current best practice, theory and policy.

We develop and offer three strands of programmes:

  1. For Parents: Personal Development, Learning and Career
  2. For Parents: Parenting and Family
  3. For Professionals: Professional Development

Programmes for Parents

Personal Development, Learning and Career Offered through our Programmes Service, these programmes have been designed for lone parents who want to return to or begin education and/or work but are not sure where to start. Our free programmes – New Steps, Pathways, New Futures and Options, along with included wrap-around supports such as one-to-one mentoring – will help. Click here for more information.

Parenting and Family Offered through our Parenting Family Support Service, these courses are designed to support people parenting alone, sharing parenting, or separating, as they experience times of change or challenge. They include Positive Parenting for Changing Families, Family Communications, Parenting Teens, Family Communications: Parenting after Separation, Self-care and Growth when Parenting and Parenting Through Stressful Times.Click here to find out more.

Programmes for Professionals

From half-day, solution-focussed workshops, to intensive three-day manualised programmes, our Professional Development Service provides affordable opportunities for those who work with people parenting alone or sharing parenting, and/or their children, to build on and strengthen their professional capacity.

Our professional development suite includes the accredited Family Communications and Positive Parenting for Changing Families programmes. Find out more.