Lone parents are not all the same – one thing we know is that people of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances find themselves parenting alone or sharing parenting. One in five children in Ireland now live in a one-parent family.

One Family Client Stories

“There was at times a sense of disapproval from society that someone should be pregnant and not married. Some people didn’t know whether to congratulate you or sympathise.”

“My partner left me when I was five months pregnant. I knew when I made the decision to become a parent that I would probably be doing it alone, but I was still devastated.”

“Being a single parent is the hardest job there is, 24/7 being there for your child, with no other person to assist you or give you relief, usually being on social welfare as the working hours in Ireland are not child friendly, which means very little money.”

People who have availed of our supports and services write about their One Family and societal, work and family experiences. Featuring real life experiences ranging from 1979 to 2012, you can read what these strong parents have to say in their own words by clicking here: One Family Client Stories_1979-2012

One Family’s New Futures Stories

The following are the real experiences in their own words of lone parents who completed our flagship New Futures programme.

“Suddenly, with the support of One Family, all the barriers that restricted me from following my dream simply fell away. Mental barriers, practical barriers and financial barriers all disappeared. I began my full time degree course in dance last September.” – Stephanie

“It was a rainy and cold January evening, my daughter was just two weeks old, when I experienced for the first time the other side of my husband. He left me with no notice, bag of debts, not one Euro in my pocket and a whole background of lies and deceit.” – Christine

“The New Futures course changed everything in my life. It gave me the confidence I wanted and my self-esteem is very high again. I learned how to change my way of thinking and I think positively now.” – Ava

“I grew up in an area that was badly affected by drugs and I’ve always had an interest in helping families that were affected by drugs. However I never thought I could make a career out of it. On the New Futures course I realised that I had a passion for this work and that it was possible to do further study into the area. I am now studying for my certificate in Maynooth College.” – Samantha

Read Stephanie, Christine, Ava and Samantha’s full stories here: One Family New Futures Stories.

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