One Family Today

Wecontinue to work to affect positive change and achieve equality and social inclusion for all one-parent families in Ireland. We look forward to many more years of achievement for our leading and radical organisation.

One Family is governed by a board. The board sets the charity’s direction and priorities and ensures the organisation is effective and accountable. Board members give their time voluntarily and are not remunerated. One Family CEO, Karen Kiernan, answers to this Board and runs the organisation on a day-to-day basis. You can read our strategy for 2019 – 2021 here.

One Family believes in an Ireland where every family is cherished equally, and is enabled to enjoy the social, financial and legal equality to create their own positive futures.

Since being founded as Cherish in 1972, One Family has been an organisation of determination, passion and courage, working with integrity towards achieving equality for all families in Ireland.

One Family facilitate a wide variety of courses, from our in person and online parenting courses to our award winning  New Futures programme.

You can find more information about our research and publications as well as our media centre and campaigns here.

We invite you to get involved with us!