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Karen Kiernan | CEO

One Family’s CEO Karen Kiernan has been leading the organisation since 2001. As CEO, Karen is One Family’s spokesperson and represents issues affecting one-parent families and those experiencing crisis pregnancies in national media, to Government Committees, in written policy submissions and in a wide range of advocacy meetings, conferences and other fora.

For media interview: Karen Kiernan, CEO on 01 662 9212 / 086 850 9191


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Bernadette Donlon | Finance & Administration Manager

Our Finance & Administration Manager Bernadette Donlon leads the financial, administrative, governance and reporting requirements of One Family.

Diane Roulston | Administration Supervisor

Louise Creagh | Data Administrator

Margareth Petroli | Data and Evaluation Officer

Nicola Delahunty | Receptionist

Francis Tower | Caretaker


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Geraldine Kelly | Director of Children and Parenting Services

Geraldine Kelly leads One Family’s Children and Parenting Services; she qualified with a BA in Early Childhood Care & Education in 2001. Prior to this, she qualified in Preschool Care and Applied Social Studies. She is a qualified Parent Mentor, having a level 6 award in Parent Mentoring and in Effective Communications, and a Mediator with recognition as a practicing international mediator specialising in parenting and family transitions. 

Geraldine O’Driscoll | Parent Support Coach

Carmel Richardson |Parenting Administrator

Lorraine Ryan |Assisting Parenting Administrator


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Marguerite McCarthy | Counselling Manager

Marguerite joined One Family in 2005 and now leads One Family’s counselling service. Marguerite is an experienced accredited professional counsellor and has an extensive knowledge of Unplanned Pregnancy Counselling.    

Jenny Corrigan | Councellor

Pauline Dobbs | Councellor

Barbara Doyle| Councellor

Lisa Maguire | Councelling Support Worker

Mary Burns | Creative Therapist

Roisín Sarsfield | Creative Therapist


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Sarah Devilly | Helpline Manager

Sarah has worked in One Family since 2007 and leads the Helpline & Information Service which incorporates the askonefamily helpline, email support, website information hub and social media information provision.

Ciara Ní Bhroin | Helpline Assistant

Siobhan Nugent | Helpline Assistant


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Jelena Simic | Early Years Manager

Jelena Simic joined One Family in 2016 and now leads the Early Years Intervention Service. Jelena has a Masters degree in Mentoring, Management and Leadership in Early Years. Prior to this, Jelena qualified with a BA in Early Childhood Care & Education.

Isabella Bortoluzzi | Early Years Worker

Roberta Vincenti | Early Years Worker


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Valerie Maher | Programmes Manager

Valerie Maher has worked with One Family since 2013. She has held roles across a number of our services including welfare to work, the askonefamily helpline, professional development and our children and parenting services. She now leads the Policy and Programmes function of One Family.

Mary McDermott | Social Policy Analyst 

Mary McDermott joined One Family in 2018 as Social Policy Analyst. Her expertise here is in structural and strategic policy analysis, collegial engagement, advocacy and stakeholder communication. It is based on over 30 years of advanced research, under- and post-graduate teaching in Irish universities, international and local community development work, and grassroots political engagement. The role of the family in society is a central concern in her work.

Deborah Byrne | New Futures Key Workers

Niamh Wynn | New Futures Key Workers


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Noel Sweeney | Communications & Events Manager

Noel Sweeney leads One Family’s communication service with 14 years experience managing communications and public relations functions in large corporations in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Noel has a Masters degree in Public Relations, Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Philosophy. 
For media enquiries: 01 662 9212/ 085 724 1294 

Jane Farrell | Communications and Marketing Officer

Cathy Doogan | Digital Marketing and Social Media Officer