Lone parents and education

Many people believe that when they have a baby that they will have no other option but to put things like their career and further education on hold. New parents may want to dedicate their time to their children when they are young and may not see how anything else would be possible for them, at this busy time. This is not always the case, you may want to wait until the time is right for you, and for your baby, however, you can still have dreams and ambitions, and meet them. Many young people have babies while still in college and they do continue to complete their courses. They may need to take a few months out or defer their studies for a time. It is important that you look at all the options and supports that are available to you as a new parent to continue to build your future through education if this is something you want. Remember that you are a role model for your new baby and everything you do will impact on them including your own education and career.