Family Forms – Taking Pride in your Family

Families, in today’s society, are diverse, and no one family is the same as another. Having a family outside of what is considered “traditional” or “normal” is completely okay. It is vital that you and your baby/child/children are proud of your family form.

Taking time to talk with your family about how they feel about your pregnancy will be helpful as you work together to create family pride. Some communities are more open and more diverse than others, there are always those who are quick to point fingers. Think about what ingredients your family already has that makes them a strong family and how you can use these to help you ensure your baby has a strong family unit to grow up in. Communication is often one of the core ingredients of the strong family along with love, respect, valuing opinions, celebrating each others achievements and being there for each other in good times and bad. Many of these you will hopefully recognise from your own childhood and while some may lie a little dormant you can now reignite them. Engaging your family to grow your strong family ingredients will be a great source of support for both you and your baby as you move forward.