Press Release | One Family calls on parties to prioritise family equality in the General Election 2016

Press Release

One Family releases General Election 2016 Manifesto

(Dublin, Tuesday 15th December 2015) One Family – Ireland’s organisation for people parenting alone and sharing parenting – releases its General Election 2016 Manifesto calling on all parties and candidates running in the Election to commit to tackling family inequality in Ireland today.

The six point Manifesto outlines key areas that need to be addressed by the next Government to ensure members of one-parent families and those sharing parenting have equal opportunities in work, family law courts, an increased standard of living and representation in the Constitution.

Karen Kiernan, One Family CEO, comments: “Today we launch our Election 2016 Manifesto against a background of an Ireland that has to reduce the gap between families that have and those who are still struggling. The vast majority of Ireland’s poorest children live in one-parent families without the services, respect or laws to protect and support them to live their lives to their full potential.”

Kiernan continues: “We have set out a clear message, with six crucial points, that if followed would help eradicate the inequality faced by one-parent families and contribute to a positive future for all families.  In this time of great reflection for our country we call on candidates to ensure these families have an opportunity to live the ideals of our nation’s founders. Nearly 100 years on from the 1916 Proclamation we have yet to cherish all children in our society equally.”

One Family’s six point Manifesto calls on a commitment to:

  1. Work to end child poverty in Ireland
  2. Ensure work pays for everyone
  3. Undertake a full review of the One Parent Family payment reforms
  4. Support shared parenting
  5. Recognise and protect all families in the Constitution, not just married families
  6. Invest in our family law courts and services


Download the One Family Election 2016 Manifesto here

About One Family

One Family was founded in 1972 as Cherish and is Ireland’s leading organisation for one-parent families and people sharing parenting or separating, offering support, information and services to all members of all one-parent families, to those sharing parenting, to those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and to professionals working with one-parent families. Children are at the centre of One Family’s work and the organisation helps all the adults in their lives, including mums, dads, grandparents, step-parents, new partners and other siblings, offering a holistic model of specialist family support services. These services include the lo-call askonefamily national helpline on 1890 66 22 12, counselling, and provision of training courses for parents and for professionals. One Family also promotes Family Day and presents the Family Day Festival every May, an annual celebration of the diversity of families in Ireland today ( For further information, visit The askonefamily helpline can be contacted on lo-call 1890 66 22 12.


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