Positive Parenting | Join the Conversation on Toddlers

This programme aims to support parents parenting alone and sharing parenting of children aged 0-2.8 years. Many of these children will have been born since the pandemic and will be growing up in a time when there have been fewer opportunities to socialise and fewer opportunities for parents to access supports through family and services. Parents are invited to attend alongside their infant as we know you may be at home together. The course will run on zoom so if things get a bit too noisy for you, you can mute and re-join.

This programme will work through some key elements of positive parenting; exploring what is meant by positive attention and quality time; how to instill good routines and be consistent in doing so, exploring parent styles and self-care.

The programme also intends to address toddler nutrition, care and development; including the toddler food pyramid and portion size, potty training, safe sleeping, language development, facilitating play opportunities at home, an introduction to baby massage and much more. Additionally, experts will also be invited to join these conversations; to share their advice and answer any questions parents may have.

Sign up through www.fetchcourses.ie

Dates and Times

Every Wednesday at 10.30am for 8 weeks beginning on 29th September