Lone Parents – Is Employment an Option?

One Family, the leading provider of specialist support services for one-parent families in Ireland, launched a major survey of lone parents and employment on 2 October 2007 .

The survey, funded by Combat Poverty Agency and supported by the Department of Social and Family Affairs, is the largest survey of One-Parent Family Payment recipients to be carried out. The survey aims to identify the real issues affecting lone parents in accessing employment and sustaining meaningful careers.. The findings of this research will  be used to inform the Government’s plans for reforming state support for lone parents.
Candy Murphy, Policy Manager with One Family said: “It’s crucial that we properly examine the reality on the ground for lone parents in order to inform government policy. Lone parents at present experience serious obstacles in accessing quality education and employment and are often caught in  poverty traps. It is vital that the State supports lone parents in a way that can help them overcome obstacles rather than perpetuate existing problems.”
As Candy Murphy said: “ This survey represents a real opportunity for lone parents on social welfare to influence government policy in areas that seriously affect their lives, particularly in relation to breaking down the barriers that currently prevent many lone parents accessing meaningful employment and moving out of poverty. We would ask all 8,000 lone parents that receive the questionnaire to complete it and return it to One Family. We also want to emphasise that all responses will be treated in the strictest confidence”
One Family believes that the research currently being conducted will highlight the areas of support needed and the real challenges facing lone parents. “It is important that lone parents’ voices are heard in the consultation process before decisions affecting their families’ lives are made at a national level. We know that this research will provide a further insight into the experience of lone parenthood and an opportunity for decision makers to hear what lone parents have to say”, Ms. Murphy said.
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