Childcare Subvention Scheme: One Family Welcomes Minister’s Response to Call for Review


One Family, the leading provider of specialist support services for one-parent families in Ireland welcomes Minister for Children Brendan Smith’s announcement of changes to the proposed Childcare Subvention Scheme today (7 November).
Candy Murphy, Policy Manager, One Family said: “We are very pleased with the Minister’s response to One Family’s concerns that the proposed new Scheme would only provide subsidised childcare for those on social welfare and at a much reduced rate for those eligible for FIS. We very much welcome Mr. Smith’s introduction of an income threshold as the basis for assessing eligibility for the Scheme and for supporting parents on low incomes.”
However, One Family remains uncertain that the needs of lone parents will be adequately met by the Scheme, particularly for lone parents transitioning from social welfare to employment. One Family today asked Minister Smith to ensure  that the chosen income level actually makes work pay for one-parent families  encouraged the Minister to develop Ireland’s childcare policy in a way that ensures that transition periods do not create situations where parents are worse off financially than they were on social welfare.
One Family continues to work closely with the relevant Government departments to ensure that government policies aimed at encouraging lone parents to enter and progress within the labour market will have a positive effect on the lives of those parents and their families.
For further information please contact:
Catherine Joyce, Communications Manager 01 664 0125/ 086 343 2542
Candy Murphy, Policy Manager, 01 662 9212/ 087 293 3180