Childcare Subvention Scheme: Lone Parents Trapped Again

One Family, the leading provider of specialist support services for one-parent families in Ireland today (6 November) added its voice to the concerns being expressed from many quarters on the Government’s plan to introduce the Childcare Subvention Scheme.

Candy Murphy, Policy Manager, One Family said: “The Childcare Subvention Scheme contradicts Government’s proposed changes to the social welfare system, which focus on getting people back to education and employment. The Subvention Scheme will create the opposite situation; where parents on social welfare will be less likely to move into work for fear of losing income and being left with unmanageable childcare costs.”
Ms. Murphy continued: “This Scheme will exacerbate the challenges for lone parents trying to move away from social welfare and access meaningful and sustainable employment. Research shows that one-parent families face very significant difficulties in making the transition from social welfare to work, including rising childcare costs.  Government’s plans to assist parents in overcoming these difficulties are wholly undermined by the proposed Scheme, which needs to be seriously rethought. One Family calls on the Government to support lone parents in the transition from social welfare to work and not to create further barriers for such families.”
One Family provides a range of services to one-parent families including courses assisting parents back into education and employment.
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Catherine Joyce, Communications Manager 01 664 0125/ 086 343 2542
Candy Murphy, Policy Manager, 01 662 9212/ 087 293 3180