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Press Release | One Family Demands Reform of the One-Parent Family Payment Stops Immediately

One Family demands Reform of the One-Parent Family Payment stops immediately before more poor children are harmed (Dublin, Tuesday 9 June 2015) One Family – Ireland’s organisation for people parenting alone, sharing parenting and separating demands an immediate stop, review and reversal of this current reform. Stuart Duffin, One Family, Director of Policy and Programmes, […]

Parenting | 10 Ways to Plan and Enjoy Special Days With Your Child

When relationships break down the greatest challenge is getting past the conflict and moving on. As parents, we must remember that our children always come first. This can be hard to see when you are trying to plan for a big occasion. Many parents need ongoing support to help them to agree on parenting issues.  […]

Parenting | 10 Ways to Support A Child Who Is Bullying

There are often complex reasons behind why a child is bullying. A child who is bullying usually has some unmet needs at home or at school. They may be confused about why they’re behaving the way they are.  Some children who bully may be aware of the harm their behaviour is causing but feel powerless […]

Parenting | 10 Ways to Feel Pride In Your Family

It is important for you and your children to have a sense of pride about your family. No matter what form your family takes, what wealth you may or may not have, or what activities you may or may not do, being secure in one’s family and self – which will nurture family pride – […]

Parenting | 10 Ways to Support A Child Who Is Being Bullied

It is agonising for a parent or guardian to suspect or learn that their child is being bullied while at school. The priority if this happens is to understand and support your child, while taking action to stop the bullying and doing everything possible to prevent it happening again in the future. As part of […]

Parenting | 10 Ways to Support A Young Person During Exams

Exam time … Not a phrase that most parents relish! In any family, exam time can add extra stress and pressure to each member of the family. It is not only the young person taking the exam that is impacted so it is important to keep some thoughts in mind which may support both ourselves as parents […]

Parenting | 10 Ways to Encourage Healthier Eating Habits

Maintaining healthy eating habits in our family can be difficult. As parents we try to teach our children that eating healthy foods is not only good for our bodies, but for our minds too. Here are some tips to remember when trying to encourage healthier eating habits in your family. Menu: Plan the menu for […]

Parenting | 10 Ways to Establish A Bedtime Routine

Many children find it difficult to settle down at bedtime which can lead to challenges. With the longer evenings of Spring and Summer upon us, it can be hard to maintain consistent bedtime routines, particularly in fine weather. For this week’s ’10 Ways to …’ post offering parenting tips, we look at how to establish […]

Parenting | 10 Ways to Parent a Young Adult

Moving from constant active parenting when our children are young to the parenting of a young adult can be difficult. Raising our children dominates our lives for so long that it can be tough to know what to do with ourselves once they grow up and begin to explore their independence and build lives of their own. […]

Parenting | How do you parent your child who is now a young adult?

As parents, we experience many transitions as our children grow. For so many years you may have felt physically exhausted raising your child. When they are a baby, you think it will be easier when they start to walk. When they walked, you realised it was still hard. You think once they go to school […]