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Top 3 questions for election 2011

Please make one-parent families an issue in the election by asking canvassers these questions: 1 What will your party do in government to reduce the very high poverty rates experienced by one-parent families? 2 What are your views on the recent social welfare changes that require lone parents whose youngest child is over 14 to […]

Bric a Brac sale for One Family

The kind people at Honest2Goodness Market are running a Charity Bring and Buy Sale on 26 Feb and 6 March in aid of One Family, at 136a Slaney Close, Dublin Industrial Estate, Glasnevin. It’s the perfect chance to do a spring clean, de-clutter your home – and let the proceeds go to a very good […]

‘New Futures’ for lone parents launched in Galway today

An intensive career and personal development initiative for lone parents is being launched in Galway today, to prevent those most in need from falling into long-term unemployment. ‘New Futures’ is a unique programme developed by One Family, funded through FAS and delivered in partnership with the Galway City Partnership. It is targeted at lone parents […]

Want a free makeover?

Parenting alone can be a costly business and leave little time for pampering yourself, but, RTE’s fashion series Off The Rails are looking for candidates. You get the makeover,  €500 worth of clothes and travel expenses – so it’s a great idea if you’re in a ‘New Year, New Me’ kind of mood.  Email offtherails@rte.ie […]

Christmas Tips for Parents

Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate with your family. But for one-parent families it can bring extra pressures – whether it’s money worries, contact issues, or making sure you have a good time yourself. See One Family’s tips on how to get through Christmas in today’s Irish Times piece http://bit.ly/dQUUFO and also see our Survival […]

One Family on RTE’s Prime Time

Candy Murphy, One Family Policy Director, speaks up for one-parent families on RTE One TV’s Prime Time in response to Budget 2011 – see this link – Candy starts at 8 minutes 54 seconds in – http://bit.ly/eMpeAX

Children in One-parent Families the Real Victims of Budget

One Family, the leading provider of specialised support services for one-parent families in Ireland today, 7th December 2010, gives its response to Budget 2011. At a time when cutbacks were inevitable One Family had called on the Government to protect those already experiencing high levels of poverty and social exclusion from any more cuts. ‘But […]