Understanding the Impact of Homelessness – SVP

Workshop Details

Date: Wednesday, 12 June 2024

Time: 13:00

Location: Virtual Workshop via Zoom

Cost: FREE

Availability: 50 places

More Information

This workshop is for all front line practitioners working to support children/parents post separation (Family Support/Youth Work/Early Years/Therapeutic Supports/etc).

The Facilitator – Marcella Staken from the Society of St. Vincent De Paul (SVP)

Marcella Staken from the Society of St. Vincent De Paul (SVP) will provide their unique insights in to supporting people in emergency accommodation. Their volunteer members visit people affected by homelessness who are living in emergency accommodation such as hotels, B&B’s, and family hubs. Volunteer members of the Society also visit people who are experiencing ‘hidden homelessness’ and are not counted in official homeless figures but are also dealing with the severe challenges and stresses that being without a home entail.

SVP provide practical support to people in these situations, as well as highlighting the lived experiences of people affected by poverty and marginalisation and they make recommendations to policy makers that addresses the underlying issues that can lead to homelessness and housing exclusion’’.

Read more about the work of SVP here: https://www.svp.ie/