Conversations with a Practicing Family Law Solicitor (Legal Aid Board)

Supporting front line practitioners’ knowledge and understanding of the family law system in Ireland.

Workshop Details

Date: Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Time: 13:00

Location: Virtual Workshop via Zoom

Cost: €8.50 – to be paid on booking through eventbrite

Availability: 35 places

More Information

This workshop is for all front line practitioners working to support children/parents post separation (Family Support/Youth Work/Early Years/Therapeutic Supports/etc).

The Facilitator – Practicing Family Law Solicitor with Legal Aid Board

As a front line practitioner working to support families post separation, this workshop will create an opportunity for you to increase your knowledge of Irish Family Law System.

You’ll learn the importance of supporting parents to access the family courts,, what to expect following an applicaiton to court, your day in court, and understanding the langauge of the courts/legal system.

You’ll explore the role you have in supporting parents as they engage with family law, adhering to the ‘in camera rule’ and emotionally/physically supporting parents and their child/family through this process.