Bereavement Zoom Workshops

This Zoom workshop will explore the reactions of children and teens at different stages of their development; and in turn support parents to understand how to support a child/teen in their adjustment to loss.

This Zoom workshop will include the child who has never met their deceased parent and has no memory but is experiencing the grief of a relationship that they never had.

This Zoom workshop will explore the challenges for a surviving parent as they move forward in the parent alone following the loss of the child’s other parent. 

This Zoom workshop will explore the challenges and the impact on parenting when living with a life limiting or a life changing illness; and the impact on children and young people; and on the wider family systems.

This workshop will explore the Issues for children/teens whose sibling has died; and the impact on the family system; and on parents and children individually.

Bereavement In Person Workshops

Supporting Parents To Parent A Bereaved Child

This in-person workshop will explore the impact of death on children and teens; help parents to develop tools to supportchildren and teens to talk openly about their feelings; support parents to develop coping strategies as they live with their own grief,while supporting a child or teen in their care.Supporting carers to engage with the ‘big feelings’ that can arise around grief rather than fear them. The interactive workshop will be a safe space for parents to listen, be heard and explore and feel their way through their own grief so they can feel more able to support their children at this time. 

Date: Wednesday 1st February 2023

Time: 19:00 – 21:00 GMT 

Location: Ozanam House, 53 Mountjoy Square West, Dublin 1, Ireland D01 T6W6

Date: Tuesday 21st February 2023

Time: 10:00-12:00 GMT

Location: Artane Coolock Family Resource Centre, 55 Gracefield Road, Artane, Ireland D05 V1Y2

Date: Tuesday 21st March 2023

Time: 10:00-12:00 GMT

Location: St. Laurence O`Toole Roman Catholic Church, Seville Place, North Wall, Ireland D01 KN73

Date: Wednesday 26th April 2023

Time: 19:00-21:00 IST

Location: Aster Family Resource Centre, Balbriggan, Ireland

Date: Tuesday 16th May 2023

Time: 10:00-12:00 IST

Location: Presentation Primary School, George’s Hill, Halston Street, Dublin 7, Ireland

Date: Wednesday 21st June 2023

Time: 19:00-21:00 IST

Location: Ozanam House 53 Mountjoy Square West, Dublin 1, Ireland, D01 T6W6

For Parents: Separating Well for Children

One Family have a long history of offering group-based supports to parents parenting alone and parenting post separation. For the purposes of this Project the focus will be on Family Communications – Separating Well for Children.

Parents whose children are engaged in the Project will have an opportunity to take part in this course in person, via zoom or as an e course, taken as a self-taught programme.

In this programme parents who are parenting post separation or are planning to separate are supported to firstly understand the impact of separation on children.

The programme aims to support parents to have a child centred approach post separation, ensuring children are supported to manage the transition well, achieving positive outcomes. Parents are asked to explore and understand the needs of children and parents at the time of separation and how these needs can be met.

In the programme parents are encouraged to have pride in the new family form, inviting children to ask questions and being available to answer the awkward questions about family forms as they arise.

We explore what shared parenting is, why it is beneficial to children when done well and how parents can develop a shared parenting plan to support them to move into the business of shared parenting post separation.

Finally the programme asks you to develop new family traditions to support you as move through this transition with your children, while also exploring how you can manage conflict in the future while maintaining a healthy balance of meeting your needs and those of your children.

Type: Zoom course

Duration: 6 weeks

Start Date: 7th February 2023

Type: Zoom

Duration: 6 weeks

Start Date: 9th May 2023

Type: E-course

Duration: At your own pace

Fee: Please contact organiser if you need to reduce or waive the fee

Contact the Project Coordinator to express an interest in attending with your child or to find out more about how the Pillar Project can support you, your child and the other parent.

Project Coordinator: Roisin Sarsfield

Telephone: 089 9407519