We wouldn’t be able to achieve what we do without our generous supporters and volunteers and we thank you, one and all. Please help us by supporting one of our fundraising events or you could even organise your own. It can be hugely rewarding and great fun, and we’re happy to help you if you like.

Our annual fundraisers are the Vhi Women’s Mini-Marathon and our Family Day Festival. If you would like to fundraise on One Family’s behalf or to make a donation, please contact us on 01 662 9212 or email us.

Sponsor.ie is an online fundraising tool that helps you to collect donations, allows you to keep your supporters updated through photos and video, and by linking to your existing social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, it’s easy to let everyone know what an amazing thing you’ll be doing. To set up your own Sponsor.ie fundraising page, click here. To check out One Family’s Sponsor.ie page, click here.

Below are photos from some of our fundraisers:

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