Aoife’s Story

“My husband left me very suddenly when my daughter was just two weeks old. He left me with no notice, bags of debt, and no money in my pocket. I hadn’t been in Ireland long and had no support. I became very down and was in a dark place mentally.
I took out the phone directory and looked for someone to talk to. After some searching, I was referred to One Family. I spoke to a counsellor and from the first moment I felt at home. I was able to use the free counselling service and the free childcare on site.
One Family saved my life in many ways. They helped me overcome the feeling of embarrassment and shame of being a lone parent and having ‘failed’ to be a ‘normal’ family. I found back my self-confidence and I started getting my head up in a totally new way.”
– Aoife, a lone parent.
It’s thanks to your support that we were able to help Aoife. Thank you 💕