RTE look for participants for bullying TV series.

Firebrand Productions and Clinical Psychologist, David Coleman is currently developing a three part series examining bullying in Ireland.

The producers are looking for parents and teenagers who have been affected by bullying to take part in the series. David hopes to spread the message throughout Ireland amongst parents and their children, that they can stand up to bullies and that there are solutions to this very distressing problem.

David will offer counselling and teach practical steps to help pre-teens and teens gain perspective on their experience and find ways to build their self esteem.  David will work with the participants over a six month period to help them move on from this negative period.

A recent report by UNICEF Ireland called Changing the Future: Experience Youth in Contemporary Ireland, that 55% of teenagers surveyed admitted to having been bullied, with traditional forms of bullying more prevalent. International programmes like the KIVA programme in Finland are proving effective in tackling and eradicating bullying.
The series will explore the various forms of bullying today, to help the audience understand the causes of bullying and offer practical steps to both adult and teens to identify, address and cope with the issue. The series will also look abroad to get firsthand experience of innovative ideas that might work in Ireland.

The series is due to be broadcast on RTE Television in March 2012.

If you and your family would like to participate in this series, you can do so by contacting David or the production team:

Call/Text: 087 416 4998

Email: info@firebrand.ie