Building opportunities for independence and responsibility for young children

When children feel they are in a safe, trusting environment, they are more likely to play independently. Children are supported to feel safe, allowing them to take risks and test out their capabilities. This allows confidence to soar and as a result children are full of self worth and self esteem.

When sharing parenting it is important for both parents to support the growth of their child’s self esteem. Growing up in a changing family requires children to have the confidence to talk about their family form. Meeting needs by building in good routines in both homes when sharing parenting will ensure needs are met. The more children understand about the plan the better. There is less to anticipate and more to look forward to. Getting into a good shared parenting routine will help children feel settled allowing them respond well to two households

For example, if both homes are consistent in morning routines, bedtime and mealtimes you are half way there. Allow children to grow and take on responsibilities that fit their age in both homes, agree what your child is capable of and offer good choices and good consequences. When children are treated like a baby in one home and expected to act more grown up in the other home, then life is confusing and parents will feel it.