Creating Support Network

It is important to take time out for yourself and ensure that you are rested, relaxed and ready for your new role. It is okay to accept that you cannot do all the daily activities and tasks you could before becoming pregnant, and not be embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help from family or friends. It is good to plan for time off from work, school or college or other obligations you have, in a timely fashion, as well as asking for others to help with other children you may have. It is good to reach out to friends or family and to continue to get out. It is important to communicate to your friends and family members that you still want to socialise. If you set this standard for yourself and get into a good routine while pregnant it will be much easier to uphold once the baby arrives.

Try to use this time to start a journey of creating family pride. It can be hard for new parents at times, especially when parenting alone to really start from a place of pride. This will support your baby as it grows to know you are proud of the family form you are creating for them, giving them confidence as they grow. There are many diverse families in society today, so never feel you need to shy away if your family is less than traditional.

Your personal relationships with friends, family members, partners, father of your baby and others will change. You yourself may become fully focused on your baby, making sure you are doing the absolute best you can for them. Your priorities and responsibilities will change during pregnancy, and this may come as a surprise to others in your network, even before your baby arrives. Being aware of this and preparing yourself for it will help you to not feel alone or misunderstood. You are transitioning into a new stage in life, into parenthood and all the resources you have developed since childhood come to play now and will support you in this transition. Each parent has a different set of resources depending on their own experiences which makes the journey different. Talking is the key to understanding, share your thinking, ask what the other parent thinks, and see where you can reach common ground, in order to move into parenthood together. Talk to other parents including your own parents so you can create the image of parenthood you hope to live with.