Enjoy the Experience

Remember that you are growing another human being, one who is going to depend on you and look to you like there is no other person in the world. Try to enjoy the many stages of your pregnancy, all the movements your baby is making as they grow and develop. Do not get caught up in all the negatives or challenges going on, remember the importance of bonding with your baby before you meet them when they are born. Bonding supports your baby’s brain development. It does this by promoting the development of connections between brain cells that are critical for learning, growth, and the positive development of your baby’s senses.

Bonding activities include:

  • Taking time out to relax and stroke or massage your bump. (allowing the baby’s father to do this)
  • Talking or singing to you baby – talking to your baby is one of the best ways to bond with your baby. Your baby can hear you. (Allowing the baby’s father to do this)
  • Discover how your voice soothes your baby, tune into their movements as you talk to them.
  • Taking time out for a walk or a long warm bath to think about your baby.
  • Responding to your baby’s movements.

It is important to listen to your body, if you are tired or just physically drained, take time for yourself and rest. If that means daytime napping or lightening your workload, do this. Soon your world will be revolving around adjusting to your new role as a parent. It is important to also stay active when you are feeling energetic, go for walks or a swim or just stay doing what is normal for you. During pregnancy can be a good time to seek professional support also to ensure you are both mentally and physically well and in tune with your body. One Family offer low cost counselling services to young parents during pregnancy to help you create a space to explore the future and figure out your feelings around parenthood and the changes ahead.