Parenting Tips

Articles from our parenting tips series are gathered here. This series is written by our Director of Children and Parents Services, Geraldine Kelly. The articles cover a variety of topics and their purpose is to offer information and support on a wide range of issues that are important to people parenting alone, sharing parenting, separated or separating.

Click on a category heading below to find parenting tips on specific topics.

Many problems can be solved or improved with better communication. Learning how to listen to your family and teaching your children about respect and boundaries are all vital to a happy home environment. It is also important to learn how to talk about the difficult stuff, or topics that make us feel awkward. This category deals with issues that revolve around communication such as: How to Talk to Your Children About DeathHow to Improve Listening In The Home and How to Run A Family Meeting.

Parenting can bring up many challenges. It can be difficult to manage your own well being when so often you are pulled in so many other directions. It is vital to you and your families health and happiness that you are taken care of too. This category is all about you, the parent. It offers a number of articles containing tips on minding yourself such as: How to Parent Self CareHow to Be Assertive and How to Feel Pride In Your Family.

Sometimes it can be the small changes that make a big difference. Our positive parenting tips category is  a comprehensive list of our top tips on a variety of topics. They give information, support and guidelines on how to handle numerous issues or even implement positive changes to your family. They include: How to Encourage Healthier EatingHow to Survive Sleepless Nights and How to Understand Children and Emotions and The Learning Power of Play.

Good problem solving skills are a valuable resource when you are parenting. Often times it can be hard to figure out how to tackle a certain problem that arises in your home. Our problem solving category offers a list of articles to help you through a range of problems that can arise for parents. They include: How to Parent SiblingsHow to Handle Difficult Behaviour( 1 & 2) and How to Improve Your Child’s Self Esteem.

Children and Teenagers will ask many questions of you over the years. At times it can be hard to find the right words, particularly if what they are asking us upsetting for you. In this section you will find a number of articles written on how to talk to your children about these subjects. They include: How to Talk To Your Children About Your family SituationHow to Explain An Absent Parent and How to Nurture Your Role As A Step Parent.