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Workshop: Supporting Separating Parents to Positively Share Parenting

Supporting Parents to Successfully Share Parenting is a solution focused workshop which explores ways in which parents can be supported to talk with children about family change after a separation and examines the advantages of shared parenting for both parents and children.

This solution-focused workshop will explore ways in which parents can be supported to talk with children about family change after a separation. It will enable professionals working with parents to support them in identifying the sometimes competing needs that are priorities for parents and children during the process of separation. It will explore behaviours a child may exhibit when needs are not met during a period of emotional transition, and support practitioners with the language to help parents talk with children about the concerns they have during separation.

The workshop will explore moving on after separation, and what shared parenting really means. It will equip practitioners with knowledge of parenting plans which can hugely support parents to develop and agree a way forward to parent positively. It will also explore some myths of shared parenting, and examine the advantages of shared parenting for parents and children.

Workshop: Supporting Families to Reduce Conflict in Communication

Supporting Families in Conflict-Reducing Communication will explore building skills to support parents in practising clear and direct communication in relation to common family dilemmas, identifying communication styles and understanding the connection between choices of behaviour and needs.

This workshop explores building skills to support parents in practicing clear and direct communication in relation to common family dilemmas, using a non-violent communication framework, identifying communications styles, understanding the connection between needs and choices of behaviour, exploring the benefits and disadvantages of conflict within relationships and families, and more. Workshop places will be limited to twenty people, as they will be facilitated in a participatory workshop style, which actively engages participants.

Workshop: Parenting Through Stressful Times

Stress is part of life and how we manage it affects our health and well-being. Some stressors can be long-term and cause huge disruption in our lives, challenging our sense of resilience while others maybe transitional or low level and we manage them well. Parents need to learn to manage their stress all the more as they also have the responsibility of child rearing. Developing strategies to get through difficult life and relationship issues can really help to keep going in stressful times and indeed, model this to our children. A child who sees their parent manage stressful times well benefits hugely from learning that life can be hectic but that there are ways of combating stress in order to carry on and focus on the strengths and good relationships.