Quality Protocol & Accreditation Process

One Family Professional Training

One Family have an evidence based Quality Protocol that is designed to ensure the effective delivery of Positive Parenting for Changing Families and Family Communications, Coping with Family Life & Teens, post-training. The Quality Protocol focuses on reflective practice as a tool to ensure you are establishing client centered goals, delivering the key learning messages in each session, obtaining regular feedback from the client group, and ensuring the programme is tailored to the needs of the specific group you are working with at any one time.

One Family expect also that all Facilitators access group or individual support and supervision in order to support them to grow professionally and ensure quality for the clients they aim to support.

One Family Accreditation Process

One Family has established an accreditation process which aims to ensure facilitators deliver the key messages to the parents they work with, ensuring best outcomes for children and parents. While also ensuring that the Facilitator takes a lead role in caring and nurturing for the group of parents they engage with, having the ability to meet needs within reason and make referrals to appropriate agencies.

All participants undergoing the accreditation process are provided with our comprehensive Accreditation Toolkit, with sections including:

  1. Setting Up the Group and Preparation of Session Plans
  2. Assessment and Evaluation Tools
  3. Recording the Sessions and Weekly Records
  4. Reflective Journal and Measuring Outcomes
  5. Policies and Procedures
  6. Closing a Group
  7. Submitting Your Portfolio

The accreditation process helps the Facilitator explore the holistic needs of the group, while also been fully aware that while working with a parent there is a high level of responsibility for the children they parent. Having a very clear knowledge and understanding of the policies and procedures necessary to have in place to support the child, parent and practitioner is key to running a professional parenting course.

The benefits of accreditation include:

  • Learning to deliver Positive Parenting for Changing Families & Family Communications, Coping with Family life and Teens in evidence based way that ensures positive outcomes for children – parent relationships and family functioning.
  • CPD points
  • Becoming an accredited trainer with One Family, being recognised for this on One Family’s website
  • Having support from One Family around referrals and promotion
  • Being able to deliver the One Family Programmes in a private capacity
  • Having the ability to work in groups or individually with parents offering weekly courses or workshops in a variety of settings.
  • Possible to become a Contract Facilitator with One Family

How to Become Accredited

  • Attend three day Professional Training for the course of your choice or both over time
  • Facilitate at least one eight week course, following the training using the Quality protocol, evaluation tools.
  • Record two full sessions in an eight week cycle or have the assessor sit in on two full classes
  • Submit a Learning journal and Policy Journal for assessment
  • There is a fee of €100 for administration towards Accreditation

Once Accredited

  • Continue to run at least one eight week course once a year
  • Submit the group evaluation  and Assessment tool for one group to One Family Annually
  • Attend at least one half day professional training or attain the equivalent CPD points in a relevant training and submit to One Family annuallY

Downloading the Toolkit

Professionals currently undertaking Professional Development Accreditation with One Family can download the Toolkit on the link below. Please enter the password provided to you by One Family to access the download.

Download Toolkit