One Family Policy: Represent, Celebrate, Campaign.

One Family engages directly with social policy and research relevant to one-parent families, those sharing parenting, and families in transition. Our goal is to represent, celebrate and campaign for all family forms in Ireland, regardless of their current Constitutional status.

Core to the policy work of One Family is addressing the structural barriers that emergent and diverse families encounter when parenting in our society. Issues of appropriate housing, flexible employment and educational conditions, accessible health and child care supports all overlap in our work to identify and respond to parents needs.

Living with poverty, both child and parental, is a core issue for us. We work collegially with other organisations, with politicians, government departments and the public to resolve the array of anomalies, blocks and barriers which can prevent vulnerable one-parent families in particular from engaging fully in society. We use a child-centred approach to develop robust responses to the difficulties faced by our clients, while continuing to keep the role of parenting centre-stage in our and research, representative, campaigning, counselling, therapy and teaching work programmes.

We incorporate the input and experience of our clients and service-users into our analyses, our written and oral submissions, and into our engagement with professional, governmental and academic colleagues. We keep close to our clients’ everyday lives in our policies which, nonetheless, focus on long-term progressive structural change for all families with children.

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One Family’s Policy Service is part-funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development under the Scheme to Support National Organisations 2019 – 2022.