One Family concentrates on making a number of key submissions each year. Please see below for the most recent, in PDF format.

Budget Submissions

2019 | Pre-Budget Submission – Budget 2020 One Family Pre-Budget Submission 2020

2018 | Pre-Budget Submission – Budget 2019 One Family Pre-Budget Submission 2019

2017 | Pre-Budget Submission – Budget 2018 One Family Pre-Budget Submission 2018

2016 | Pre-Budget Submission – Budget 2017 One Family Pre-Budget Submission 2017

2015 | Pre-Budget Submission – Budget 2016 One Family Pre-Budget Submission 2016

2014 | Pre-Budget Submission – Budget 2015 One Family Pre-Budget Submission 2015

2013 | Pre-Budget Submission – Budget 2014 One Family Pre-Budget Submission 2014

Other Recent Policy Submissions and Positions

June 2017:  This paper was developed under the auspices of the National Advisory Council on Children and Young People, by a subgroup of members, including One Family. The paper puts forward real solutions to Government to end child poverty in all its forms, offering recommendations that can help Government to meet their commitment to lift 97,000 children out of poverty by 2020.

Read it here.

  • Working Family Payment (WFP)

In response to the Department of Social Protection’s (DSP) recent call for submissions on the proposed Working Family Payment (WFP), One Family welcomed the opportunity to outline our concerns and recommendations in relation to this, and submitted to the DSP on 13 March 2017. Measures that support transition from social welfare to work, and address potential welfare traps, particularly in low paid work, are to be welcomed. The proposed measures, however, need careful consideration before commencement, as well as an inter-departmental approach.

Read our submission here.

  • Childcare

One Family contributed to the Public Consultation on the Single Affordable Childcare Scheme in November 2016 and highlighted some areas of concern on behalf of people parenting alone and sharing parenting.

Read our submission here.

  • Minimum Income

In response to the Vincentian Partnership’s working paper entitled Minimum Income Standard & The Cost of Childcare, One Family presented Minimum Income, Childcare and One Parent Families in Ireland in March 2015.

[download]One Family Working Paper_Minimum Income, Childcare and One Parent Families in Ireland_March 2015[/download]
  • Energy Poverty

Energy poverty is a rapidly growing issue for many low-income households in Ireland. Rising energy prices have made energy conservation and energy poverty reduction increasingly important. This position paper provides an overview of the impacts of energy poverty, proposed solutions and policy recommendations.

[download]One Family Policy Position_Energy Poverty_March 2015[/download]
  • Irish Water Charges Plan Consultation – August 2014

One Family made a submission to the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) and Irish Water regarding affordability and allowances, and highlighted the issue of allocating children’s water allowances when people are sharing parenting equally.

[download]One Family_CER Water Charges and Shared Parenting Recommendations_August 2014[/download]
  • Children and Family Relationships Bill – February 2014
    Response to Draft Heads of Children and Family Relationships Bill: Submission on the Children and Family Relationships Bill 2014 to the Joint Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality.
[download]Children and Family Relationships Bill 2014 – Response to Draft Heads[/download]
  • Children and Family Relationships Bill – Joint Principles, June 2013
    Barnardos, One Family, Marriage Equality, Treoir and Women’s Aid welcome the Programme for Government commitment to reform and modernise aspects of family law. If the forthcoming Family Relationships and Children’s Bill is to overhaul legislation in this area and stand the test of time, we believe that it should be underpinned by the principles which you can read/download below:
[download]Children and Family Relationships Bill – Joint Principles[/download]
  • One Family’s Election Manifesto 2011 – Achieving Equality and Social Inclusion among 0ne-Parent Families One Family calls on all political parties when in government to back their commitments to protecting the most vulnerable in Irish society.[download]Download One Famly’s Election Manifesto – PDF[/download]One Family launches report on the need for Child Contact Centres in Ireland, Monday 12 April 2010 Minister for Children Barry Andrews, TD launched the report followed by a seminar chaired by The Hon. Mr Justice Henry Abbott.
  • One Family Seminar: Rights, Responsibilities and Children
    One Family held a seminar discussion of the Law Reform Commission report on legal aspects of family relationships in 2010.
[download]Download One Family Submission to LRC on Family Relationships – PDF[/download]
  • One Family launches report and holds seminar on the need for Child Contact Centres in Ireland, Monday 12 April 2010 at 10am
    Minister for Children Barry Andrews, TD launched the report followed by a seminar chaired by The Hon. Mr Justice Henry Abbott in Dublin Castle.
    [download]Download Contact Centre Summary – PDF[/download]
[download]Download Contact Centre Full Report – PDF[/download] [download]Download Contact Centre Summary – PDF[/download]
  • One Family’s Submission to the Joint Committee on the Constitutional Amendment on Children May 2008
    In general One Family supports the submissions to the joint committee made by the Ombudsman for Children and by the Children’s Rights Alliance.
    [download]Download Submission to the Joint Committee – PDF[/download]
  • Government Discussion Document on Proposals for Supporting Lone Parents
    Overall, One Family believes that there is an urgent need to develop and implement a coherent policy framework for one-parent families that reflects the realities of their lives and those of their children
[download]Download Submission on Lone Parent Review 6th June 2006 – PDF[/download]
  • Domestic Partnerships
    One Family works with all types of one-parent families as well as with new and blended families. Much of our work revolves around issues related to the formation and ending of family relationships. In all cases our primary concern is the impact of such situations on the child, on ensuring the availability of adequate supports for children and on supporting legal frameworks that overtly address the best interests of the child.
    We therefore focus our recommendations to the Working Group with this priority in mind.
    [download]Download Submission on Domestic Partnership-May-2006 -PDF[/download]
  • Social Partnership Discussions
    One Family welcomes this opportunity to submit our proposals to the social partnership process. Given the importance of the current social partnership discussions in terms of framing economic and social policy in Ireland over the next possibly ten year period, One Family is keen to ensure that the issues affecting our clients, one-parent families, are adequately addressed in the discussions and that the  current proposals for changing state supports for lone parents are clearly linked in with other major strategic developments and related funding sources.
    [download]Download Submission to Social Partnership PDF[/download]
  • National Anti-Poverty Strategy 2006–2008
    One Family welcomes the opportunity to make this submission to the Office for Social Inclusion on the preparation of Ireland’s National Anti-Poverty Strategy 2006–2008. The submission is made in the  context that solo parents are increasingly disadvantaged as a group in Ireland in terms of poverty levels,
    social welfare dependency and access to services that help address these issues.
    [download]Download Anti Poverty Submission 2006-2008-PDF[/download]
  • Submission to the review of provisions relating to family in the Constitution
    Submission to the All Party Oireachtas Committee on the Constitution
    The changing nature of family life in Ireland
    Modern family life in Ireland is remarkably different now compared with the period in which our Constitution was first developed.  With declining marriage and birth rates, higher rates of extra marital cohabitation and birth and a growing diversification of the structure of families, the typical Irish family is no longer typical.
    APOCC-submission-two parts-PDF
    [download]Download Paper 1 On Constitutional Review- PDF[/download] [download] Download Paper 2 on Constitutional Review – PDF[/download]
  • Submission in relation to consultation on discussion paper on the rights and duties of cohabitees
    One Family broadly welcomes the treatment of the issue of non-marital relationships by the Law Reform
    Commission on this occasion.  Particularly given that 2004 marks the 10th anniversary of the UN International Year of the Family, it is imperative that current and persistent barriers to the full equality and equal status of all families and family types, in legal, policy and service provision arenas be addressed.
    [download]Download Submission on Rights of Co-habitees – PDF[/download]