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Ireland’s First National Shared Parenting Survey

What is shared parenting? Who does it, and how? How many one-parent families share parenting?

With almost 45 years experience of working with and representing one-parent families. Our evidence shows us that many lone parents share parenting to some extent with their child’s other parent, even though they live separately and are not in a relationship with each other. Yet the Census does not capture this reality for many thousands of children and parents in Ireland, and services, policies and laws which could support them are severely lacking, as is understanding of their family form.

We want to change this. We want to finally give a voice to these parents and their children, so that policies and services in the future can be better designed to meet their needs.

In January 2017, we launched the results of Ireland’s first survey for people who are sharing parenting. Audience members at this event in the Mansion House included parents, policy makers, and professionals who work in the Family Law Courts and it was covered by the media. Over 1,000 women and men who share parenting, or have tried to, responded to our survey and we received thousands of in-depth comments that expanded on their survey responses.

You can read what they told us and our recommendations as a result of Ireland’s First National Shared Parenting Survey here.



Pre-Budget Submission 2017 – End Child Poverty Make Work Pay

PBS CoverOur pre-budget submission for Budget 2017 includes the key messages of ending child poverty and making work pay for one-parent families. The Government has committed to lifting 97,000 children who currently live in poverty in Ireland out of this situation by 2020. Children living in one-parent families are twice as likely to live in poverty. We are also calling for more targeted supports for one-parent families to make work pay.

Read our Pre-budget submission, that includes One Family’s key recommendations for Budget 2017, here.



One Parent Family Payment Reform and Child Poverty

Reform Doc Graphic_What is One Family calling forThe current reform of the One Parent Family Payment (OFP) is failing our families. This means that Ireland’s most vulnerable parents and children are experiencing even greater poverty.

To find out why people parenting alone are being forced out of work; read our analysis of why this reform is failing and our solutions; read parents’ experiences in their own words; and access media coverage of the reform, please go to our campaign page here.

 #PauseOFPReform #EndChildPoverty


10 Solutions for Smarter Futures

Read about our 10 Solutions for Smarter Futures campaign and ensure your voice is heard by emailing your TD. Click here to find out more.

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All Families Matter

Girl playingAll Families Matter is a campaigning coalition founded by One Family which called on the Constitutional Convention (which met throughout 2014) to progressively review the Irish Constitution in relation to the family. Currently the Irish Constitution only recognises and protects the marital family. Our goal was, and continues to be, to positively influence Convention members to add a review of the family to their work. This fun, short video features three families who currently are not recognised by the Irish Constitution. We believe All Families Matter. Watch and share if you do too.


2016 General Election

onefamily_election_web_sliderLet your voice be heard! Join our campaign for the General Election 2016 by emailing your local candidates to ensure one-parent families are on their agenda. Make sure your family matters in this General Election.



Email your local candidates here. It’s easy!

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onefamily_election_manifesto_2016_cover_SlideOne Family Election 2016 Manifesto challenges all parties and all candidates running in the General Election 2016 to commit to our six point Manifesto to ensure positive change for one-parent families, and people sharing parenting or separating.  We are calling for a commitment to the ideals of our nation’s founders in this historic time of reflection.

Find out how you can get involved and support us here

#GE16 #EndChildPoverty #MyFamilyMatters


Your Views

One Family has been working and campaigning on behalf of one-parent families since 1972. We work from a family-centered, human rights based approach. It has always been important to us that besides delivering vital services directly to families we also campaign and advocate for better lives for one-parent families. In all we do, we are solution-focused.

We welcome your views and comments on any topics affecting one-parent families and families in transition to