Separating Well for Children

Are you having difficulty sharing parenting, arranging access, agreeing maintenance? Are you worried about supporting your child(ren) through change or communicating with other parent(s)? If so, One Family understands and offers a range of specialist supports to help you and your child.

We offer supports that can meet the needs of parents and children as they move through family separation into shared parenting and new family forms. We support parents to develop the confidence they need to guide, support and communicate with their children throughout all these changes.

The service we offer includes:

  • Assessment of the needs of your family.
  • Counselling for individual adults, both parents together and teens.
  • Play and creative therapies for young children and young people from four years of age up to teens.
  • Group based parenting supports focused on shared parenting and parenting after separation.
  • Individual parent mentoring.
  • Mediation.

Unfortunately, as of Monday 24 May 2021, we have had to close the waiting list for our general adult counselling due to unprecedented demand caused by the pandemic.

Please note: This does not affect our unplanned pregnancy and post-abortion counselling which are open as usual.