One Family welcomes restructuring of Child Benefit

Media Release, 14 August 2012

One Family welcomes restructuring of Child Benefit

Following reports that wealthy parents will be able to hand back the €140-a-month child benefit payment to the State if they wish, under new measures being drawn up by Government officials, One Family’s Stuart Duffin states, ‘As part of our submission for Budget 2013 we are recommending a restructuring of Child Benefit to ensure that it is tailored to those most in need.’

One Family recommends the following approach to child benefit:

An unconditional, non-withdrawable income payable to each child as a right.

A second level payment tailored to the needs of the family ensuring that the needs of economically disadvantaged families, such as those parenting alone, are fully recognized. This second level assistance should be seen as income and therefore means-tested, for example through the tax system, and could be paid to low income families as a refundable tax credit.

Duffin continues, ‘Putting money into the hands of low-income families and in particular lone parents, who will spend that money at businesses in their communities, helps keep the economy moving. Increases to incomes will go directly to the purchase of food, clothing and other household necessities, benefiting not only low-income families but also our economy.’



For more information contact:

Hilary Fennell, Communications Manager, One Family, 01 6629212


Stuart Duffin, Welfare to Work Manager, One Family, 01 6629212