One Family issue a statement in reaction to the Mother and Baby Home Commission’s Report

18 January 2021

One Family, Ireland’s national organisation for one-parent families, today issued a statement on  the report of the Mother and Baby Home Commission. In the statement One Family said  they were shocked at the cruelties outlined in the report’s findings but not surprised given their years of work with mothers and families who have experienced unplanned pregnancy. To read the statement in full click here.

One Family called for a number of actions in response to the report including:

  • Full, swift and appropriate redress for victims.
  • A call for all children who were born into Mother & Baby Homes or who were adopted to have full and appropriate information about their origins, birth families, places of residence, health or medical issues and more.
  • A call for an evidence-based and adequately resourced action plan to combat child poverty.
  • A Referendum on Article 41.3 of the Constitution to expand the definition of the family to provide rights and protection for all families including unmarried families and in particular unmarried mothers and their children.
  • The organisation also calls for symbolic reparation at a national level to recognise and celebrate unmarried families through a National Family Day where the State can work to remove the veil of shame and celebrate all families including non-traditional families.