At a wonderful event at the National Library of Ireland (NLI) head office in Dublin, One Family/Cherish, today,  donated their archives to the National Library of Ireland for safe keeping. CEO of One Family, Karen Kiernan said: “These archives give voice to the stories of women and children who were shunned by the State and by parts of society. When Cherish was established in 1972, there was no lone parents allowance and single pregnant women had an uncertain future – they were often thrown out of their homes, lost their jobs and were rejected by their communities. In these archives the words of these women endure, their voices are included in our national story and are now protected in the national archive.” To read the press release click here

The Cherish administrative and organisational records will be catalogued and available to researchers by the end of 2023. The Client Case Files and correspondence that contains personal information has been designated “Not for Consultation” (NFC) and will not be available to researchers.   In collecting material relating to living persons, and in line with our statutory obligations under GDPR, the NLI applies a strict approach to the protection of privacy.