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1. Email your local Candidates

2. Door to door canvassing

3. Download our Election 2016 Manifesto

1. Email your local candidates

Let your voice be heard! Join our campaign for the General Election 2016 by emailing your local candidates to ensure one-parent families are on their agenda. It’s really easy. Just fill in the form below and select your local candidates.


2. Door to door canvassing

We have created two handy documents for you to have at hand when candidates knock on your door. One is a question sheet that you can use and the other is an information document to give to the candidates to take away with them. Print them off or call us on 01 662 9212 and we will send you out a copy.

Questions for parents to candidates

Take away message to give to candidates


3. One Family Election 2016 Manifesto

One Family calls on all political parties and all candidates running in the General Election 2016 to commit to and live the ideals of our nation’s founders in this historic time of reflection.

Download our Election 2016 Manifesto

One Family was established in 1972 as Cherish, a name taken from the 1916 Proclamation which declared that Ireland would ‘cherish all of the children of the nation equally’. Unfortunately, our vision of creating a just and equal society for all of our nation’s people has yet to be fully realised.

The vast majority of Ireland’s poorest children live in one-parent families without the services, respect or laws to protect and support them to live their lives to their full potential. This needs to change and we need your help to do this.


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