Parenting alone or sharing parenting can be stressful and sometimes things can look like a legal minefield. We are here to help.  Our articles give you basic information everything from custody and access to maintenance and to what to expect if you go to court.

Custody, Access and Guardianship
This article gives a brief explanation of all the latest terminology.

Download Custody Access and Guardianship – PDF

Maintenance of Children
This article gives a breakdown on how maintenance works in Ireland. It is not related to whether a parent has actual access to the child or not, it is a stand-alone obligation.

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What to Expect in Court
If you need to go to court, this article explains how proceedings work and lets you know what the experience might be like for you.

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Alternatives to Court

Going to court is not the only way of working out arrangments for access or maintenance.  Mediation is another way of helping parents reach an agreement, with the support of a trained mediator.  This process can help separating parents to co-operate and work together for the benefit of their children and therefore help to minimise conflict.