Working Family Payment

The Working Family Payment is a social welfare payment that may be payable to working families who are on a lower income. It may apply to you and your family if:

  • You are working 19 hours or more a week or 38 hours or more a fortnight,
  • Your employment is likely to last 3 months or more,
  • You are looking after one or more children aged under 18 or between 18 and 22 and in full time education,
  • You are earning less than the income limits for the family size.
Family size 2021 rates
1 child€541

2 children

3 children
4 children
5 children€960

These income limits are based on weekly net income so, after tax, PRSI, superannuation, universal social charge and health contributions have been deducted. Income is assessed as income from work, including overtime or bonuses, most social welfare and HSE payments, maintenance payments* and any income from pensions or self-employment. Payments that are not included in the income assessment are Child Benefit, Carer’s Allowance, Guardians payments, Supplementary Welfare Allowance and a few less common social welfare payments.

*All income from maintenance is assessed in the means test for WFP. Housing costs (your rent or mortgage repayment) up to a maximum of €95.23 per week can be offset against maintenance payments. Half the balance is then assessed as means. Housing costs cannot be offset against maintenance payments for WFP, if this has already been applied in the means test for another social welfare payment.  Non-cash benefits are not assessed as means. 

The WFP payment is calculated at 60% of the difference between the net family income and the set income limits.

If you do qualify, even if only by a small amount, the minimum payment made is €20 a week. You cannot get WFP if you are taking part in a Community Employment (CE) Scheme.

  • If you are already in receipt of WFP and also receive One-Parent Family Payment (OFP) but are coming off the payment due to the age of your youngest child, then your WFP payment will be automatically reassessed on the basis of the loss of the OFP.  It will not make up for the full loss of the OFP but may account for up to 60% of the OFP payment
  • There is the Back to Work Family Dividend which is available for applications for those who are in work and who are no longer in receipt of either Jobseeker’s payments or One-Parent Family Payment due to going into employment.
  • The means test for WFP does not include the payment of the Back to Work Family Dividend.

To claim the Working Family Payment you will need to have your latest p60, 2 recent payslips and your Certificate of Tax Credits from Revenue to send with your application form.

To get an application form or for more information contact your local social welfare office or the WFP section at:

Department of Social Protection, Working Family Payment New Claim Section, Ballinalee Road , Longford , N39 E4 E0

Email |

Tel | 043 334 0000