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One Family Parenting is a holistic service aimed at supporting parents to parent as effectively as they can, ensuring quality outcomes for children in all families.You can download the One Family services leaflet here for an overview of all of our services and supports for lone parents and people sharing parenting, or read on for more information our Parenting Service.

Our suite of parenting supports has been extensively redeveloped. New supports including Signs of Safety Family Assessment, Keyworking and Mediation for families experiencing conflict and separation are now available.

We offer Parent Mentoring support in various locations around the country particularly Cork, Dublin and Galway. We work with community groups across the country where possible to support them to train staff or run parenting courses with them to help meet the needs of parents in local communities.

In developing the range of services listed below, we aim to support parents to understand the core principles of parenting positively and how to implement these core skills for increasing parental confidence. Once a parent is confident in how they parent and why they make the choices they do, children will usually flourish as will the parent-child relationship.

Parents may present to the One Family Parenting service seeking support with challenges related to:

  • parenting alone,
  • sharing parenting,
  • managing behaviours, both theirs as an adult and that of their child,
  • conflict,
  • stress,
  • hopelessness, and
  • talking with children about absent parents, abusive parents, mental health and addiction.

mother daughterParents are supported to care for themselves and parent themselves so they have the power to meet the needs of their children, whether parenting full-time or not. Parents can sometimes feel low confidence in their ability to parent and at a loss in how to overcome obstacles. They can carry the burden of creating issues and challenges for their children, and need support to let go of the past so that they can focus on what they can do now in order to keep their child at the centre of the family.  We meet parents who all want to be part of their child’s life and are working through many systems in order to be allowed to parent and have the opportunity to form a relationship with their child. We support parents who find it hard to allow the other parent into their child’s life because of the anxiety they feel for their child and their need to protect them. We encourage parents to do their best for children, and to understand that children have a right to contact with both parents but also a right to safety and protection.

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One Family aims to meet the needs of diverse families. We support one-parent families, shared parenting families, families in transition or experiencing separation, step-parent families, same sex families, new siblings and blended families, and parents who have adopted children as a single person or conceived through AHR.

The quality of relationships in the home impacts on outcomes for children. Children can and do have very positive childhoods in all types of families. The key to this success is confident, assertive parents who have pride in their family, their choices and their ability. Our services support parents in this.