Our Income

Most of our income comes from a range of statutory agencies through service agreements, grants and project funding. Our Annual Reviews contain full lists.

We comply with standards and reporting requirements in all our funding. We also receive donations and hold fundraising events with support from the public and the private sector.
We have been working to increase our earned income as our grants and donations decrease. Therefore we charge small, sliding-scale fees for some services and we sell our Professional Development training products.

Our Finances

Along with most other charities and businesses One Family has seen a steady decline in regular government grants and service fees along with a decrease in the ability of individuals to donate. We implemented pay cuts from 5-10% in mid 2009 in line with the public sector cuts to ensure services would not be negatively affected. We have also had to cut some overhead costs and remove all discretionary payments. This strong approach to our finances by staff and the Finance Team, lead by the Board, is ensuring that One Family will get through these bad years so that we can continue our important work with families in crisis.

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