The Family Referendum is a historic occasion which One Family welcomes!

We are calling on voters to vote Yes Yes on 8 March for families, for care and for equality.

This is the chance to offer symbolic reparation to single parents who have faced so much discrimination throughout Irish history, even being excluded from the Constitution. All families deserve to be recognised, appreciated, and cherished equally.  This is a positive move as the referendum will bring more families under the protection of the Constitution, including unmarried parents and their children, siblings and kinship carers.

One Family is also calling for a Yes vote in relation to Care as we welcome the removal of outdated sexist language from the Constitution and the replacement with gender neutral recognition of care in the family. We believe these are progressive referendums that will work towards greater equality for families, those receiving and providing care and support, as well as gender equality in care responsiblities.

One Family has been calling for the amendment to Article 41.3 to recognise and protect all families and not just those based in marriage, for over 50 years. We have registered with SIPO as a third party for this referendum and can accept donations within SIPO guidelines.